Gregg Chapman

Welcome to my world of passions…

Didgeridoo sound therapy and healing, raw food, personal development and spiritual evolution.

Everything in this universe is inter-connected through energy and everything that we do is about getting ourselves into alignment with this energy.


Goji Berry Ice Cream Super Boost

Goji Berries are a super power food according to Chinese Medicine. In this short video clip, I show you how to make Goji Berry Ice Cream using the Optimum 9200 Next Generation Blender. Goji Berries are high in Vitamin C and are also claimed to lower cholesterol, protect the liver, improve eyesight and dizziness, reduce […]

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unpacking 9200

Optimum 9200 Next Generation Blender

The Optimum 9200 Next Generation Vortex Blender has just arrived and in this short video clip, I am unpacking it and reviewing the various buttons. I have to say this is an awesome blender! This blender is really powerful with 2611 watts which is more powerful than the Optimum 9400 blender and its other rivals […]

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Almond milk

Almond Milk Recipe

This is a super easy to make Almond Milk recipe. In this short video clip I show you a recipe of how to make Almond Milk with the Optimum 600 cold press juicer.  It’s much nicer than what you can buy off the shelf at the supermarket and has no added preservatives or other nasties! […]

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Carrot apple celery optimum 600

Carrot Apple and Celery Juice

Here is one of my favourites and is very quick and easy.   Carrot Apple and Celery Juice: Fair Dinkum Yum   Ingredients 1 Carrot 1 Stick of Celery 1 Apple   Put it through your Juicer.   I used the Optimum 600 Cold Press Juicer   Carrots, peas and apples are high in pectin […]

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kick starter

Kick Starter, The First Juice of the Day

Instead of reaching for the Coffee or the Tea, go for one of these..   The Kick Starter….   What you need to give your day a good kick start.   Ginger is just about at the top of the list when it comes to how beneficial it is for your health.   Ginger  has […]

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unpack optimum 600

Optimum 600 Cold Press Juicer review

Well here it is, just arrived, a brand new shiny white Optimum 600 Cold Press Juicer. I love new toys especially boys toys and this one sits along my favourites including my drill, wood work router and didgeridoos. This little baby will juice anything, make ice cream, nut milks, baby food and what ever else […]

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Didgeridoo Meets Tibet

I met up with Callum Jensen, Tibetan Buddhist Practitioner and together we combined cultures of the Ancient Australian Didgeridoo and the Tibetan Green Tara Mantra. A must watch!!  

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optimum blender review

Optimum 9400 Blender Review

Just unpacked our new Optimum 9400 Blender and in this video clip I give you a review and show you our first ever smoothie!  This got me hooked on blending and just about every day, the blender is making soup, ice cream and especially super smooth smoothies. Here is our first smoothie.   Ingredients Handful […]

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How to make Kefir

Made from organic whole milk and kefir grains and left to ferment for 2- 3 days, it is so easy to make. In this short video clip I show you how to make Kefir. Either on its own first thing in the morning or poured over a mix of nuts, seeds and sugar free granola […]

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Optimum blender tomato soup

Raw Tomato Soup

Yum Yum, Raw Mega Healthy Tomato Soup!  The Optimum 9400 spins so fast that the friction of the blades heats up the soup without cooking it. Cooking raw food kills the nutrients and enzymes, this is where having a high powered blender such as the Optimum comes into its own. Raw Tomato is high in […]

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